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If the heart rate is uneven or fast, or if the patient is shaking and weak, the medication should be stopped and the patient's physician notified immediately.

Antihistamines are often the first sleep medication insomniacs take, and they are often sufficient. The regulatory authorities have decided they are safe enough that responsible adults can use them unsupervised.

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Non sedating antihistimine

Prescription non-sedating antihistamines include Clarinex® tablets and the nasal spray, Astelin®.

Over the years, many uses of antihistamines have been discovered.

Many patients are most familiar with antihistamines used to treat respiratory allergies such as hay fever or as an ingredient in over-the-counter sleeping pills.

Others antihistamines, such as meclizine, are often prescribed to prevent the vertigo and nausea that accompany motion sickness.

Side effects of antihistamines depend in part on the specific type.