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have made version 2.0 free (with the option to expand the 10 presents that come with it by purchasing more). My favorite new feature is the ability to set the focus and exposure separately.

The interface is the same old sleek VSCO cam with some noted speed improvements, especially on my now-ancient i Phone 4. Tap the screen with two fingers and two separate reticules will appear, allowing you to drag the exposure and focus to your desired points.

All told, I’m rocking 58 presets for under six bucks.

In addition, the new app has, to borrow a term from Lightroom and Photoshop, an opacity slider for each preset, allowing you to tweak the look to your liking. VSCO also rolled out VSCO Grid, which the call a “free minimalist publishing platform for showcasing the best in mobile photography.” Signups were pretty limited at launch, but I’ve got mine up and running at co.

Doesn't just let you observe, take pictures, and talk with your pet from afar (speaker quality is the best of the bunch).