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In addition to producing highly successful and well-educated students, Middlebury College has had a reputation for many years as a school known for providing the foundations for high quantities of romantic relationships that evolve into marriage.

Students share similar interests, and as a result the compatibility of students makes Middlebury one of the top schools in the Northeast for generating married alumni.

Although the dating scene has changed tremendously over the years, there has been a constantly permeating sense of compatibility and potential for loving relationships.

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In describing the connection between Middlebury students and their likelihood for marriage, Anne Ross said, “There is something very comfortable knowing another person has the same collegiate experience.” For fun, students went to formal dances and relied on the fraternity system for social events.

There was a level of courting during this period in which men who were members of fraternity houses would engage in “pinning,” which meant giving his fraternity pin to his steady date once the relationship became more serious.

As a part of the pinning process, the entire fraternity would serenade the girl, and the act of pinning implied a sort of pre-engagement.

1960s: Susan Davis Patterson ’67 and Tom Patterson ’67 were married in 1970 after he returned from fighting in Vietnam.

This Middlebury couple were simply acquaintances during their college years and did not start dating until seeing each other while working after college in Boston.

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